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Written and Narrated by John W. Berresford

The Hiss-Chambers case gripped the nation in 1948 and still provokes controversy. Take a deep factual dive into the story of two brilliant, fascinating men, sensational Congressional hearings, spy documents hidden in a dumbwaiter shaft and a pumpkin, the trial of the century, and the launch of Richard Nixon’s career.

Is Hiss guilty, or innocent? Email John with your comments at . We'll announce the vote progress here as the series develops.  Meantime, follow along with the chapter notes under the "about" tab.  

Aug 25, 2021

Alger Hiss, like Chambers, gives secret testimony to Nixon’s HUAC Subcommittee.  He is outraged that they are thinking of trusting Chambers, whom Hiss labels a Communist and a traitor (Hiss pre-channeling Senator McCarthy).  When confronted with Chambers’ detailed knowledge of his domestic life 10-15 years...

Aug 19, 2021

Campaigning for the US Senate, 1950. Pic - Library of Congress

In this 8th podcast, we explore the thinking of Richard Nixon.  Put yourself in his position.  You’re 35, elected to the House in a Republican wave year from a district that is usually safely Democratic.  Your plum Committee assignment was Education and...

Aug 12, 2021

Members of the House Un-American Activities Committee visit the home of Chairman John Parnell Thomas; (l-r) Rep. Richard B. Vail, Rep. Thomas, Rep. John McDowell, Robert Stripling, chief counsel, and Rep. Richard M. Nixon] Picture: Library of Congress

Were Whittaker Chambers and Alger Hiss good friends from 1934 through...

Aug 5, 2021

Richard M. Nixon, Library of Congress 

Alger Hiss calmly and patiently denies Whittaker Chambers’ two charges: that the two of them were in the Communist underground in 1934-37 and that they became close friends.  The Commie-hunters on the House Un-American Activities Committee are swept away by his poise and...